Dedy Andrianto is an Indonesian photographer and videographer who has over a decade of experience of telling vibrant and colourful visual stories through his work. He has built his career taking photos and videos for commercial shoots and events with specialisations in luxury brands, music festivals and brand activations around Asian countries.

Dedy lived in Malaysia for 12 years, where he worked with various agencies, shooting campaigns and projects for the advertising market. In 2020, he returned to his native Indonesia, where he continues to work with clients in various sectors.

He loves portrait, lifestyle, wedding and interior photography and has a keen interest in the human side of photography, capturing special moments on emotional and meaningful days. He also uses his art to raise social awareness of the various issues affecting our society and planet.

Dedy believes that what makes an image captivating isn’t the gear or technology—it’s the subject in front of the camera. His authentic and unique perspective allows him to bring stories to life through his lens.