Social Projects
In addition to creating visual branding and content for commercial clients, I also work with impact-driven local businesses and communities to tell their stories and highlight the important advocacy work they do for their communities and the environment.

On these projects, I typically work with small teams consisting of two to three people. I usually take on multiple roles, including producer, cameraperson, editor, drone pilot, and sometimes even writer.

These are some of the projects I have worked on.
Plastik Kembali
Plastik Kembali is a small business in Lombok that transforms plastic waste into beautiful artworks, accessories and household goods. Their main goal is to protect the planet by giving single-use plastic a second life. Through their activity, they not only reduce plastic waste, but also create jobs for local artists who have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Wait a Minute
Wait a Minute is a three-part short documentary project that I developed during the peak of COVID-19 with my good friend Chris Lim, a Malaysia-based creative producer. In creating WAM, we wanted to tell uplifting stories about the wonderful things people have done despite the chaos caused by the pandemic. 

One of the non-profits we highlighted was GAYa NUSANTARA, which advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights in Indonesia. Other Malaysian community projects we featured were the Autism Cafe  Project (an F&B business run by employees who live on the spectrum) and the Inclusive Outdoors Classroom (an after-school program that provides a safe space for disabled children to play and interact).  
Tropical Spice Garden
Tropical Spice Garden is a woman-led community garden project in Penang, Malaysia. It was originally a tourism-focused project, but has now transformed into a community-based one. TSG is a gathering place for like-minded people in the community who are interested in arts, culture and sustainable living.
Getty Seed Fundings
In 2022, I was honored to receive seed funding from Getty Images to tell the stories of two Malaysians who are championing diversity and inclusion. The first is Ainaa, an artist born with spinal muscular atrophy, and the second is Khairull, a passionate biker who had to have a leg amputated after a motorcycle accident.
Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Albinism Association
On International Albinism Day, I partnered with True Complexion and the KLSAA to raise awareness of the community living with this medical condition.